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Signal and Monitoring

eDAQ manufactures laboratory instruments and data acquisition systems for: electrochemistry, chromatography, flow analysis, contactless conductivity, sensor recording, electrochemical impedance, teaching and research

Bio-Logic SAS designs and manufactures high performance research laboratory instruments for Kinetics & Spectroscopy Systems, Electrochemistry Systems, Scanning Systems, Material Testing Systems and Engineering Systems.

Portable Handheld Potentiostats

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Vibration Research Corporation designs and manufactures vibration control and portable signal analysis systems for sound and vibration testing. Since 1995, Vibration Research has been known as a world leader and innovator in the vibration field. Vibration Research products are renowned for user-friendly software and a high level of hardware reliability. It is the mission of Vibration Research to provide engineers & technicians with superior, easy to use test technology, expert customer support, and continual innovation to meet the needs of today and drive industries to the possibilities of tomorrow.

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