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Signal and Monitoring

eDAQ manufactures laboratory instruments and data acquisition systems for: electrochemistry, chromatography, flow analysis, contactless conductivity, sensor recording, electrochemical impedance, teaching and research

Bio-Logic SAS designs and manufactures high performance research laboratory instruments for Kinetics & Spectroscopy Systems, Electrochemistry Systems, Scanning Systems, Material Testing Systems and Engineering Systems.

Portable Handheld Potentiostats

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Vibration Research Corporation designs and manufactures vibration control and portable signal analysis systems for sound and vibration testing. Since 1995, Vibration Research has been known as a world leader and innovator in the vibration field. Vibration Research products are renowned for user-friendly software and a high level of hardware reliability. It is the mission of Vibration Research to provide engineers & technicians with superior, easy to use test technology, expert customer support, and continual innovation to meet the needs of today and drive industries to the possibilities of tomorrow.

FEMTO is the leading manufacturer of low-noise amplifier modules with a broadly diversified product base and continually expanding markets. Founded
in 1995 with the mission of developing “sophisticated tools for signal recovery”. FEMTO has built a broad range of products that includes current amplifiers, voltage amplifiers, lock-in amplifiers, and photoreceivers. For FEMTO, “sophisticated tools for signal recovery” means that every product we develop must offer a significant advantage over comparable products available in the market.