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C4D Systems

The C4D System is a high sensitivity capacitively-coupled contactless conductivity detector (C4D) for capillary electrophoresis, microchip electrophoresis, ion chromatography/HPLC and flow injection analysis.

It is designed to be used with eDAQ software packages and comes with PowerChrom software for data collection and analysis.

This unit has digital outputs for the control of external devices. It also has one analog input to record signals from an external detector, such as a UV detector.

The unit should be used together with the C4D headstage suitable for your application.

Microchip Electrophoresis Kit

The ER455 is a system for microchip electrophoresis experiments. It includes the C4D Data System, High Voltage Sequencer (HVS), the chip platform, chips and documented test solutions. This system must be used with either ET145-4 or ET190-2 microfluidic chips.

The system includes PowerChrom software for data collection and analysis, and QuadSequencer software for controlling the HVS unit for experiments with floating, gated or pinched injections.

The ER455 comprises:

  • ER225 C4D Data System
  • ER430 High Voltage Sequencer
  • ET225 Micronit Chip Electrophoresis Platform
  • EC020 Standard Test Solutions
  • specify either ET145-4 Pack of four 45 mm Micronit MCE chips or ET190-2 Pack of two 90 mm Micronit MCE chips