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BioLogic’s battery cycler line-up is made up of two complementary ranges of instruments, the high throughput BCS-900 Series battery cyclers and the R&D grade MPG-200 Series battery testers.

The result is a powerful, modular system able to keep up with the demands of a fast-paced research field. From industry to academia and quality control to certification.

New BCS-900 Battery Cycler series

Powerful, modular, ultra-precise battery cyclers with fully native EIS capability

BCS-900 series is a modular battery cycling system designed to meet the needs at every level of the battery value chain, from R&D to pilot production, from production testing to quality control. Made up of three modular options (BCS-905, 910 and 915), these advanced battery cyclers offer 8 independent channels with a maximum current of ±150 mA, ±1.5 A and ±15A, respectively per channel.

MPG-200 Battery Cycler series

The MPG battery testing system: Precision, stability and power – perfect for in-house R&D or academia

The MPG-200 series is a high-end battery testing system made up of two core configurations. The MPG-2 features 16 independent channels at 100 mA, whereas the MPG-205 offers eight 5 A channels. Both MPG battery testing systems are available with or without EIS capabilities.