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Sono-Tek is the world leader in the development & application of liquid ultrasonic atomization technology into nozzle systems and spraying & coating application systems. Compared to conventional pressure spraying methods, their ultrasonic nozzled do not clog, they reduce liquid usage, waste, and environmental impact while achieving more precise, uniform, thin film coatings. They are continually developing new applications for their unique technology, replacing wasteful practices in a world that is growing ever more environmentally sensitive.

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In 2007, Inovenso has started their academic activities using nanotechnologies under the Nano Fiber Membrane Group (NanoFMG) After focusing on improving nanofiber quality during the electrospinning process, they have established our global born company Inovenso in 2010. Inovenso is an acronym of “Innovative Engineering Solutions” and have aimed to develop efficient electrospinning machines and accelerate the science of nanofibers.