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ER461 EChem Startup System

This system, complete* with software, integrated potentiostat system (a data recording unit with built in potentiostat) and electrodes, is ideal for those wanting to include voltammetric experiments in their undergraduate course, or for researchers who want a system for cyclic voltammetry.


ER7004 Mega Teaching Kit

This kit includes all the hardware*, software, electrodes and transducers required to quickly develop a wide range of exciting experiments for chemistry and biochemistry laboratory courses.


Some examples of the types of experiments that can be performed with the eDAQ Mega Teaching Kit are as follows:

EXP001 Anodic Stripping Voltammetry
EXP002 Cyclic Voltammetry of Ferrocene Carboxylic Acid
EXP004a Measurement of Iron Corrosion Exchange Current
EXP006 Fluoride Ion Selective Electrodes
EXP009 Heat of Neutralisation
EXP011 The pH Electrode and Potentiometric Titrations

ER7006 MultiSensor Teaching Kit

This kit includes all the hardware, software and electrodes to develop a range of experiments for teaching students about sensors and biosensors used in chemistry and biochemistry.

You can reconfigure the Quad MF isoPod yourself to measure pH, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, voltage and amperometric sensors. Instead of buying separate meters to record pH, temperature, conductivity etc, this economical and flexible precision instrument will do it all in one.