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NanOsc Instruments CryoFMR & PhaseFMR

The NanOsc Instruments line of broadband ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) spectrometers offers a simple turn-key solution to the burgeoning field of magnetodynamics research. Broadband FMR spectroscopy allows for measurements continuously spanning several 10s of GHz. Measurements over a wide frequency range allow for significant improvements in accurately extracting a variety of material parameters not accessible by static measurement techniques. Broadband FMR is particularly well-suited for studying magnetic thin films, which not only form the backbone of fundamental spintronics and magnonics research but also are constituents of current and future technologies focused on magnetic memories, sensors, logic, and microwave signal processing.


  • Turn-key FMR spectrometer with easy to use software interface
  • Broadband FMR using a coplanar waveguide
  • Calculates the effective magnetization (Meff), anisotropy (K), gyromagnetic ratio (γ), damping (α), and inhomogeneous broadening (ΔHO)
  • Enables the user to extract the exchange stiffness (A) and inverse spin Hall effect ISHE
  • CryoFMR operates in all Quantum Design PPMS platform systems by using our specially designed CryoFMR Multi-Function Probe. (DynaCoolPPMSVersaLab.)