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The POROLIQ™ is a Liquid Liquid Porometer (LLP). This rapid, precise method employed by the POROLIQ™ allows for testing of pore size down to 2nm and, compared to other techniques, uses lower pressures for characterisation of traditional micro-, nano-porous materials. 



  • Based on the pressure step/stability method: a data point is only recorded when the user-defined stability algorithms are met for both pressure and flow.
  • Detects the opening of a pore at a certain pressure and waits until all pores of the same diameter are completely opened before accepting a data point.
  • The POROLIQ™ AQ uses a combination of three ultrasensitive liquid flow sensors to measure exactly and accurately flow rates from 0.16 μl/min (to detect the displacement of wetting liquid out of the pores from the very beginning).
  • Ideal for full characterization of hollow fibers at low pressures.


Pressure and Flow Rates Range 

Max pressure 40 bar / 580 psi 40 bar / 580 psi
Min pore (1) 2 nm 2 nm
Max pore (1) 0.3 µm 1 µm
Flow range <1 μl/min – 10 ml/min 1 μl/min – 10 ml/min
Displacement liquid Water Multiple liquids


(1) Depending on the wetting liquid


Parameters Measured 

  • First Flow Point (FFP) size,flow and pressure
  • Pore size flow distribution
  • Mean Flow Pore (MFP) size and pressure
  • Total pore number
  • Smallest Pore Size (SP) pressure and number
  • Total pore area (% and μm²)
  • Mean Pore Diameter (MPD) and pressure
  • Liquid permeability
  • Cumulative flow distribution
 Operating Software
  • LabVIEW™ software for data acquisition and instrument control with intuitive selection of all analysis parameters
  • Universally available PLC technology (National Instruments) with own runtime system
  • Easy export of results to Excel, Word and pdf file
  • Windows compatible
  • Advanced service menu facilitates diagnosis and service via Internet