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  • Cold and Hot Mounting Media, Molds, and Pressure Chamber
  • Adhesives and Mountants
  • Replicating Films and Membrane Boxes
  • Polishing Supplies
    – Cloths, Lapping Films, and Film Discs
    – Powders, Pastes, Suspensions and Diamond Compounds
  • Sample Grinding and Sectioning
  • Micro & Mini-tools
  • Tools – Probes, Scribers, Pin Vise, Cleavers, Sharpeners
  • Nanomanipulation Probe Tips for Omniprobe Systems
  • Instrumentation
    – Micro-Manipulators, Micro Drilling Systems, and Disc Punch
    – Grinder, Otolith Polishing, and Micro Polisher
    – Spark Cutter and Accessories
    – Rotary Disc and UltraSonic Cutters
    – Electropolisher and Electrolytic Jet Thinning
    – Diamond Wheel Saws
    – Wire Saws
    – Dimpler for TEM Preparation
    – Tripod Polishers for SEM TEM Preparation
    – Lapping and Polishing Machines and Fixtures
    – Rail Polisher, Twin Jet Electropolishing System and UniDisc
    – Plasma Cleaning and Etching and Ion Beam Sputter
    – Crystal Orientation
    – Diamond Band Saw
    – Micro Cleaving
  • Heating Holder System for STEM, TEM, (S)TEM
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