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Non-Contact Hazardous Chemical Substance Identification

PINS3-CF Chemical and Explosives Identification System

The Portable Isotopic Neutron Spectroscopy (PINS) Chemical Identification System combines the latest chemical analysis identification technology with the industry leading ORTEC trans-SPEC-N high purity germanium platform. The PINS3-CF offers unprecedented value with the elimination of liquid nitrogen, reduced operating cost, lightweight field deployment and built-in automatic ID of chemicals all in a rugged design.

While other chemical analysis and identification systems require sampling, opening or even transport to a controlled facility for measurement, the PINS3-CF system can perform sampling through containers and sealed vessels at their precise field location. The ability to detect potential chemical and explosive threats is now possible in any environmental condition, even in high temperature locations.

The PINS3-CF portable chemical analysis and identification system is flexible enough to be used every day to provide CBRNe security professionals the information they need, when they need it.

PINS3-CW Portable Isotope Neutron Spectroscopy

PINS3-CW combines the latest chemical analysis identification technology with the industry leading ORTEC trans-SPEC-N high purity germanium platform.

The PINS3-CW eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen and a Californium-252 neutron source, providing ease of deployment in OCONUS missions. It offers built-in automatic ID of chemicals – all in a rugged design for field deployment.

Along with the addition of the trans-SPEC-N, the PINS3-CW also includes the additional capability and features such as:

  • No liquid nitrogen required.
  • Uses a mechanically cooled, field deployable gamma spectrometer (ORTEC trans-SPEC-N).
  • No Californium-252 source required.
  • Auto analysis of chemicals.
  • Uses a portable Neutron Generator.
  • Ruggedized laptop with Chemical Analysis and identification software.
  • 12 hour runtime with external rechargeable batteries.
  • Lightweight measurement stand.
  • USB and Power cables.
  • Safety kit.
  • Hardened wheeled transport cases.

Trans-SPEC-N Battery Powered, Portable HPGe Gamma Spectrometer

In-Situ High Purity Germanium Gamma Spectroscopy for Portable Isotopic Neutron Spectroscopy Systems.

The trans-SPEC-N is an N-type HPGe gamma-ray spectrometer with everything needed in a single easy-to-handle package. There is no requirement for liquid nitrogen and no long cables. Everything is complete in one package and ready for use.

  • No LN2 — Miniature, high-reliability, “run for ever” Stirling-cycle cooler eliminates the need for LIQUID NITROGEN; detector element is encapsulated in high reliability, low loss, all-metal sealed cryostat.
  • Neutron Damage Resistance — N-type HPGe detector.
  • Large Energy Range — 40 keV to 11 MeV energy range for higher energy prompt gammas from neutron interactions.
  • High Sensitivity — Large (>40% relative efficiency) HPGe detector.
  • High Stability — Digital electronics give you the solution for the toughest analysis in the toughest conditions.
  • Bright and Clear — VGA resolution display with touch sensitive operator screen.
  • All-in-one Integrated Package — Rugged and compact with no interconnections — easy to setup and go.
  • Smart — Nuclide ID and activity calculation for nine Regions of Interest (ROI).
  • Well Connected — USB 2.0 and Wireless 802.11 Communications, built-in GPS, and Secure Digital Input/Output (SDIO) storage of acquired spectra.
  • Flexible — A variety of power sources can be used, including internal battery, supplemental external battery, automobile battery (any 12 V dc), and line power; all with automatic switchover.

Fission Meter Portable Neutron Source Identification System

  • “Proof Positive” identification of fission neutron sources, through multiplicity analysis.
  • Ultra-low level false positive and negative rates, even in the presence of high neutron background.
  • Immune to cosmic background fluctuations.
  • Highest sensitivity in a portable package.
  • Easy to operate

The ORTEC Fission Meter aids the interdiction of illicit trafficking by augmentation of gamma-ray identification with a neutron detector of very high sensitivity which, in addition, can specifically identify fission neutron sources by the inherent characteristics of the decay process.

Circumstances arise where reliance on a gamma-ray detector alone comes into question; the package may be large enough to contain significant shielding, or the gamma-ray background may be seen to drop when measuring a particular package-indicating heavy shielding. The hand-held identifier’s neutron detector may show an elevated neutron count rate, or the gamma-ray spectrum may “see” evidence of gamma-rays from neutron reactions.

The Fission Meter is an easy-to-use, portable neutron detection system designed to locate illicitly trafficked special nuclear materials (SNM), particularly shielded sources.

PINS-GMX Portable Isotopic Neutron Spectroscopy Gamma-X Detector

The Portable Isotopic Neutron-Spectroscopy GAMMA-X (PINS-GMX) detector was created from a joint development of ORTEC and the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) in response to the growing worldwide need to determine in situ the specific nature of the contents of a variety of containers of munitions or potential chemical weapons. Such applications require a detector with high resolution over a large range of energy, portability, neutron damage resistance, reliability, and ease of use. The performance of the PINS-GMX detector has been verified in real-world use by the U.S. Army.