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Powerful, modular, ultra-precise battery cyclers with fully native EIS capability

A comprehensive solution for battery cycling

Run safe and reliable tests

  • Embedded OS systems and redundant local database storage
  • Runs independently from users PC and network latencies
  • Real time monitoring: local and remote

Adapt to evolving needs

  • Mix modules from few µA to 120 A
  • Add modules autonomously with no impact on running tests

Comprehensive from test to analysis

  • Automated test plans and batch data analysis
  • 10 kHz native EIS

Control and measure with accuracy

  •  Current, voltage and temperature
  • High-end accuracy and resolution
  • Oversampling for enhanced precision


For cell tests from few µA to 120 A

  • BCS-905 (150 mA), BCS-910 (1.5 A) and BCS-915 (15 A)
  • Extendable current control up to 120 A
  • 5 current ranges on each module
  • Single cell tests up to 10 V
  • Measurement resolution down to 40 µV (18 bit)
  • Fully integrated native EIS from 10 mHz to 10 kHz
  • Mix for modularity in 4 cabinet sizes: 6U, 12U, 24U, 38U
  • A high-end measurement chain completed by 4-point connection cell holders

If you’d like to know more about the BCS-900 series, and its application in your industry or field of research.