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HORIBA Scientific has been at the forefront of correlative microscopy for decades as evidenced by its development of FTIR-RamanAFM-Raman, and Particle-Raman solutions. The innovative and patented nanoGPS navYX and graphYX solution, combining hardware (a patented localization sample tag) and software (a dedicated platform powered by Digital Surf Mountains and integrated with LabSpec 6 software) paves the way for a new revolution.

Discover HORIBA NanoGPS Suite intuitive hardware-software combination platform, providing instantaneous relocalization of POI (Points of Interest), handling, and processing of superimposed images.

NanoGPS Suite is a complementary workflow designed with 2 innovative and valuable software. navyYX, responsible for the relocalization of POI, and graphYX for image processing and superimposition.

Relocalization with nanoGPS navYX

Correlative microscopy is the combination of multiple modalities performed on the same sample. The results produced emphasize the strengths of each modality while offsetting their individual limitations.

nanoGPS navYX™ is an open solution which makes SEM-Raman correlative microscopy seamless regardless of the electron and optical microscopes used. Simply stick the Coordinates Transfer System to the sample!

Correlative Microscopy with graphYX

graphYX™ is a software app which enhances display (colors, contrast, brightness…) and superimposes the position of the several layers composing your image into a traceable workflow. It also includes sharing tools to streamline collaborative work and publishing functionalities to save your time generating papers and reports.

Combine graphYX™ with nanoGPS navYX™ to quickly relocate your sample’s points of interest, overlap map data and obtain the ultimate tool for correlated microscopy.

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