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ALVTechnologies Philippines Incorporated, together with our manufacturer Horiba France SAS, would like to invite you to join our webinar on the topic of “Exploring characterization techniques in cosmetics” on October 24, 2023 at 11:00 PM (Philippine time).

The creation of innovative cosmetics products with demonstrated effects relies on deep scientific knowledge of biological matrices (skin, hair, tooth), the development of efficient and safe active ingredients, optimized formulations, and an instrumental evaluation of the performance.

In this webinar, Florian Formanek, Global Life Science Market Manager at HORIBA will discuss how HORIBA instruments cover a large panel of cosmetic testing applications, from particle size characterization of emulsions, pigments or fillers, through to the molecular analysis of hair chemistry, surface functionalization with smart coatings or tribology analysis, to the assessment of formulation composition and stability.

They also cover spreading on substrates or interaction with packaging, to contamination or nanotoxicity studies, to the ex vivo or in vivo objectivation of endogenous skin compounds, topical actives penetration, and the impact of environmental factors (UV exposure, blue light, pollution).

Key learning objectives

  • Discover how rapid Raman chemical mapping can provide information on the surface physicochemical behavior of formulations
  • Learn how to use fluorescence spectroscopy for the analysis and quality control of raw materials (such as essential oils, natural extracts, hair dyes, or vitamins), as well as for the investigation of endogenous skin markers and actives deposits

To register, click the following link: Webinar Registration

We hope to see you online!