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ALVTechnologies Philippines Incorporated, together with our manufacturer from Asylum Research Oxford Instruments, would like to invite you to join our webinar on the topic of Imaging and Manipulating The Stacking States of Twisted Two-Dimensional Materials on October 26, 2023 at 9:00 – 10:00 AM (Philippine Time).

Vertically stacking two-dimensional (2D) materials to form van der Waals homo- or hetero-structure has become an effective means for regulating their physical and mechanical properties. In particular, when a small twist angle is present at the stacked interface, the 2D structures often show many interesting and even magical physical phenomena owing to the unique interlayer coupling. For such 2D architectures, probing and visualizing their fine atomic stacking structures is essential for understanding their unique physical properties.

In this webinar, Dr. Zhang will introduce a new method based on conductive atomic force microscopy (c-AFM) to characterize and reconstruct the internal stacking state of twisted 2D material. Based on this technique, we have observed the nonmonotonic angle-dependent vertical conductivity in twisted bilayer graphene and realized domino-like stacking order switching in twisted monolayer-multilayer graphene.


Dr. Shuai Zhang, a postdoctoral research fellow in Prof. Qunyang Li group at Tsinghua University. He received his Ph.D. from Tsinghua University in 2021. His research interests mainly focuse on the friction and electrical behaviors of two-dimensional (2D) materials. Zhang has published more than 30 peer-reviewed journal articles, such as Nature Materials, PNAS, Physical Review Letters, National Science Review, Science Advances and Nature Communications.

Dr. Ren Zhu received his PhD degree from Department of Mechanical Engineering in University of Minnesota in 2015. During his PhD study and postdoc work, he obtained the experience in AFM application and instrumentation. In 2016, he joined Oxford Instruments Asylum Research as an Application Scientist.

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We hope to see you online!