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AID multiSpot

The multifunctional imaging device from AID


The AID multiSpot fulfills all needs in a modern immunology lab.

Equipped with a combined EliSpot/FluoroSpot module for counting and interpreting enzymatic as well as fluorescent EliSpot assays this device also comes with an automated microscope.

The stage handles 96- and 384-well plates, up to 4 conventional slides or classical Terasaki plates.

The software is adapted to EliSpot/ FluoroSpot assays, HEp-2 screening, Cell Counting, HLA-screening and many more applications.

  • Enzymatic and fluorescence analysis of 96 and 384-well plates; up to 4 conventional slides or Terasaki plates
  • “FluoroAID” image overlay technology
  • Up to 3 fluorescence filters on board
  • 4x, 10x and 20x objectives on a software controlled objective changer
  • Evenly spread, long life LED ring and LED fluorescence illumination (optional)
  • Controlled by a high-end PC
  • Data export to Excel / CSV, PowerPoint, Word, PDF, LIMS, .txt-files