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Raman microscopy is a powerful analytical technique for chemical characterization of all kinds of products. This method can support you in your development on a large variety of applications, from advanced materials to environmental, from energy to life sciences.

However, this optical spectroscopy approach can be a challenge to put in your labs. That’s why HORIBA built a full website dedicated to learning and support of Raman microscopy: The Raman Academy.

With more than 50 years of experience in Raman spectroscopy, HORIBA’s Raman experts, application engineers and software developers have produced a vast array of resources to share their knowledge and to show how Raman microscopy is ideal for your analyses.

…the basics of Raman spectroscopy, or check out a specific detail

…Raman techniques by viewing demonstrations of common instrument functionalities

…our content in new application areas

…with our HORIBA Lab for hands-on training or get an application engineer deliver training at your premises

…application notes and articles, and get new perspectives on your lab research

…our extensive portfolio of Raman solutions

Visit the Raman Academy website to get all the answers to your questions!