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ALVTechnologies Philippines Incorporated supported the 35th Philippine Chemistry Congress last 20-24 September 2021 in Manila, Philippines.

The following webinars were presented by ALVTechnologies Philippines Inc in support with our manufacturers which covered the following topics:

Energizing Research in Battery Performance with Advanced AFM by Dr. Nate Kirchhofer from Oxford Instruments Asylum Research last September 20, 2021. He discussed the application of AFM in battery characterization. AFM can obtain measurements such as roughness, morphology which is important in Battery research and development

Analyzing Nanoscale Surface Interactions within Battery and Fuel Cell Applications by Dr. Gabriel Ohlsson from Biolin Scientific last September 21, 2021. He discussed the application of Quartz Crystal Microbalance with dissipation in battery research and development. Also for the second part of the webinar, the New Theta Flex contact angle system shown during the online demo.

Raman Microscopy: When Chemicals become Images by Dr. Thibault Brule from Horiba Scientific last September 22, 2021. He discussed how Raman Microscopy works, how to get fast Raman Imaging and its application to Chemistry research.

We would also be announcing our raffle winners via email and website. Keep posted for information on the lucky participants who will take home laboratory consumables and equipment to help them  on their research as well as Grab Gifts.

We would like to thank everyone for your continued support to our company on this 35th Philippine Chemistry Congress. We hope to see you again next time!