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Starter Kit Electrospinning/Spraying Equipment

The Starter Kit electrospinning system is designed for low-cost, small-scale nanofiber research, producing results from a single-nozzle configuration in a compact unit. Spinning distance, flow rate and applied voltage are easily adjustable in side-by-side spinning.

NS1 NanoSpinner Electrospinning/Spraying Equipment

The NS1 model includes all the basic components required for electrospinning operations: syringe pump, high voltage power supply, and collector parts. It is possible to apply high voltage with precision as well as adjust the flow rate and the distance between the needle and collector.

The spinning area is not enclosed in a cabinet, but the small size of the system allows it to fit inside a fume hood.


NS+ NanoSpinner Plus Electrospinning/Spraying Equipment

The NS Plus is the most recent model of Inovenso, designed to accommodate the maximum components required for an optimized and versatile Electrospinning Process. It’s an ideal solution for lower-budget projects working on small-scale nanofibers research.

It has 3 Hybrid Nozzles, spinning on a rotating drum collector or plate collector, therefore enabling the production of both well-aligned and randomly collected nanofibers. The homogeneity system allows the user to produce a uniform and homogeneous nanofibers membranes.


NE100 Single Nozzle Electrospinning/Spraying Equipment

The NE100 Electrospinning Unit, a model that is in between basic and advanced Electrospinning systems, all process parameters can be edited from its programmable easy-to-use touch screen panel. It also has a special designed isolated chassis and an exhaust system that enables working with evaporative solvents. Because of the door safety system and the isolated chassis, scientists can carry out their experiments safely.


NE200 Single Nozzle Electrospinning/Spraying Equipment

The NE200, is the ultimate combination of advanced features in a budget-friendly model. Ideal for scientists who want to initiate their researches in a versatile system. The machine comes with a flat collector and a rotating drum collector to obtain well-aligned nanofibers, but can also optionally accommodate other types of collectors such as the Rotating rod collectors with different sizes to obtain tubular structure of nanofibers known as tube-like nanofibers membranes which can be used as artificial blood vessels.


NE300 Multi Nozzle Electrospinning/Spraying Equipment

The NE300 Electrospinning Machine, is a compact, flexible lab-scale Electrospinning system. Very similar to the NS 24 but with less emitters (8 nozzles), also has the capacity of single-nozzle production. This model has a homogeneity system that enables uniform coating of the nanofibers membrane. The NE 300 has an Electrically insulated cabinet with high density PE parts inert to chemical solutions, which enables working with many polymers. Many optional features can be added to the system, such as Co-axial System for core-shell, hollow and bi-component nanofibers.