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  • Cold and Hot Mounting Media, Molds, and Pressure Chamber
  • Gold and Silver Substrates
  • Silicon Wafers for AFM, STM
  • Adhesives and Mountants
  • Replicating Films and Membrane Boxes
  • Polishing Supplies
     Cloths, Lapping Films, and Film Discs
     Powders, Pastes, Suspensions and Diamond Compounds
  • Sample Grinding and Sectioning
  • Micro & Mini-tools
  • Tools – Probes, Scribers, Pin Vise, Cleavers, Sharpeners
  • Instrumentation
     Micro-Manipulators, Micro Drilling Systems, and Disc Punch
     Grinder, Otolith Polishing, and Micro Polisher
     Spark Cutter and Accessories
     Rotary Disc and UltraSonic Cutters
     Diamond Wheel Saws
     Precision Slicing Machines
     Dimpler for TEM Preparation
     Tripod Polishers for SEM TEM Preparation
     Lapping and Polishing Machines and Fixtures
     Twin Jet Electropolishing System and UniDisc
     Plasma Cleaning and Etching and Ion Beam Sputter
     Diamond Band Saw
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