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Cooling water circulator (Externally closed circulation)

CF Series

  • Labocube Closed Cooling Circulators with Build-in Solvent Collection device

  • Closed system and water saving with excellent cooling capacity

  • Operating temperature -20℃~ Room Temperature
  • Cooling capacity (depends on model):
    • 400W(344Kcal/h)at 10℃, 350W(300Kcal/h)at 0℃, 285W(245Kcal/h)at -10℃
    • 1050W (830Kcal/h) at liquid temp. 10℃, 910W (780Kcal/h) at liquid temp. 0℃, 670W (570Kcal/h) at liquid temp. -10℃
    • 1050W (903Kcal/h) at 10℃, 910W (782Kcal/h) at 0℃, 670W (576Kcal/h) at −10℃
    • Approx. 940W (810kcal/h) at Liquid temp. 10℃, Approx. 820W (706kcal/h) at Liquid temp. 0℃, Approx. 710W (612kcal/h) at Liquid temp. -10℃

CF302 Series

  • Optimal cooling system for rotary evaporator
  • New user friendly controller
  • Stress-free circulation connection
  • Safe drainage of condensation water
  • Operating Temperature Range: 5 to 35 ℃
  • Temperature Control Range: -20℃ to 30℃
  • Max Flow rate: Approx. 9/10 L/min (depends on model)
  • Inner tank capacity: Approx. 3.9L (liquid volume 3.5L)

CFA/CW Series

  • Provide high-precision circulating water with the temp. range -10°C+80°C and temp. control accuracy±0.1°C.
  • Powerful cooling capacity.
  • Continuous monitoring for water level, abnormal refrigerator pressure, refrigerator operation, circulation pump operation, etc.
  • Configuration with auto stop, auto start operations, temp. output terminal, deviation correction, external communication (RS485), etc.
  • Safety Features: Over-current ELB, self-diagnosis, key lock, refrigerator overload protector, refrigerator delay timer of protection, refrigerator pressure detection, float switch preventing pump idling, bypass for protecting circulating pump, auto overheat protection, overheat protector, etc.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30 to +80°C
  • Cooling Capacity (depends on model)
    • ~330W (284Kcal/h), at fluid temp.10°C
    • ~900W (770 Kcal/h), at fluid temp.10°C
    • ~1300W (1,118Kcal/h) at Liquid temp. 10°C at room temp. 20°C