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Geometry sources (beakers, bottles, filters, rods) 

Mixed or single radionuclide solutions are incorporated homogeneously into a plastic resin which is then poured into the container and allowed to set. The active resin is normally covered by a layer of inactive resin. A lid is fixed to the container to make a sealed, solid source.

Gas equivalent sources are prepared by combining the active solution with plastic foam.

High resolution gamma-ray spectrometry is widely used for identifying and assaying gamma-ray emitting radionuclides in environmental samples. To meet the requirements of quality management systems, the spectrometers should be calibrated using reference sources that are traceable to national standards. The reference sources must also match as closely as possible the geometry, density and composition of the sample to be assayed. This range of ready-for-use geometry reference sources has been developed to meet these requirements. The advantages of this type of source are:


  • No source preparation needed -saves time and resources
  • No dilution of solutions needed -calibration is directly traceable to national standards
  • No dispensing of strong acids for dilution is needed -source is safer to handle
  • Sealed source -no risk of contaminating sensitive equipment
  • Stable source -will not deteriorate over time
  • Source checked for homogeneity -consistent, accurate, results year after year
  • Matches closely the samples to be measured -can be prepared in your own container (see page 87) with a wide range of densities from gas equivalent (0.02g/cm3) to cement (3g/cm3)
  • Layout of certificate of calibration matches the requirements of commercial gamma ray spectrometry software – calibration easy and quick to carry out
  • Wide range of commonly used beakers or bottles available -short delivery times
  • Custom geometry -to meet your special requirements (please allow longer delivery times)

For mixed radionuclide reference sources, each radionuclide is assayed individually using a method which is traceable to national standards. The mixed solution is then prepared, and checked by high resolution gamma-ray spectrometry. The solid reference source is then manufactured using the mixed radionuclide solution, and the final source is checked again for accuracy and homogeneity by high resolution gamma-ray spectrometry.

Radioactive material handling license issued by the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute is a requirement prior to the sale of all sources.