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TLD Reader: RE-2000

Our automatic TLD reader called RE-2000 is manufactured by Mirion Technologies (RADOS) Oy. The RE-2000 TLD reader is available in 3 different versions. RE-2000S and RE-2000A which differs in the capacity (20/200 whole body dosimeter – 80/800 single elements). The 3rd TLD Reader version is the RE-2000RT which provides the possibility to read TLD rods (1mm in diameter and 6mm lenght) used  in combination with radiotherapy phantoms. All three TLD reader models are able to read whole body dosimeter and single crystals used for extremity dosimetry, medical application,…  

A perfect system for personal dosimetry in combination with our whole-body, extremity and environmental dosimeter. 

Manual TLD Reader: TLDCube

Our manual TLD reader called TLDcube is a small, lightweight and portable TLD reader for measuring, analyzing and evaluating of thermoluminescent materials. Modern design and software combine easy operation and excellent performance in this newly developed TLD reader. The ceramic heater with defined nitrogen cooling in the rotating drawer accepts all standard TLD shapes. 

TLD Material

Our main TL material is LiF:Mg,Ti called MTS and LiF:Mg,Cu,P called MCP.

Both types are available with different isotopic composition: natural, enriched in 7Li (>99.9%) or enriched in 6Li (about 95%). The TLD material is available in the form of solid pellets of 4.5 mm Diameter and different thickness,  as TL powder, square TLDs, micro cubes,… and is qulified for different applications like personal dosimetry, environmental monitoring, medical dosimetry,…

TL Irradiator: IR-2000

High Throughput.

The Rados Dosimeter Irradiator IR-2000 has been designed for calibration of the Rados TL- based dose control system. The instrument is used for sensitivity calibration of the system, for system linearity checking and for individual sensitivity calibration of the TL- material in use.

The Irradiator is microprocessor controlled and uses stepping motor for controlled irradiation of the dosimeter pellets. During the irradiation process the pellets are continuously moved past the source in order to provide precise and equal dose for each individual pellet. The drift of exposure of individual pellet in one dosimeter card is negligible.

A source of Sr90 is used to give standard doses of app. 1mSv. The irradiator may be programmed to give linearly increasing dose steps for checking the system linearity. The actual dose may be varied by repeated irradiations.

TL Irradiator: IR-200

Compact and versatile

The TLD Irradiator IR-200 is a multi-purpose irradiation system with automatic drawer. The device requires only little space on the table. It is used for calibration purposes of TLD elements or TLD cards.

Different carrier discs are available for the irradiation of different TLD elements like rods, chips and discs, as well for Aluminum TLD cards and TLD Slides type RADOS. The irradiation value is defined by the number of carrier disc revolutions.

The IR-200 contains a 90Sr/90Y radiation source with an activity of 33 MBq.