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manual osl reader for checking food samples

Compact and user-friendly

PSLfood is a newly developed PSL System (OSL Reader) for checking irradiated food according to EN 13751:2009 (Detection of irradiated food using photo stimulated luminescence). Compact design and newly developed software combine easy operation and excellent performance.

The PSLfood drawer is designed for a common petri dish with dimensions of 50 mm in diameter & 20 mm height.

Its small dimensions and weight require very little desktop space and allow using the PSLfood as portable system.

The drawer tray and the protection glass can be easily removed for cleaning.

Xray Dose

x-ray irradiator for food samples

Perfect accessories for checking irradiated food with our PSLfood or TLDcube.

XrayDose is an irradiator to expose food samples which are kept in petri dishes (50mm in Diameter) or small cups.

The dose can be modified with a filter which can be easly removed or replaced.

The Xray Dose is equipped with a touch display for autonomos operation.


X-ray tube: 50kV
Current adjustable: 0.1 to 1.0mA
Dose rate: >0.03 Gy/s up to >4.5Gy/s