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Sensitive sites such as nuclear power plants, or industrial sites where radioactive material should normally not be entering have to control any vehicle upon their entrance and exit. Border checkpoints or special events with an important flow of vehicles also need to detect any radioactive material before it is crossing the checkpoint. 


Vehicle Monitor

Accurately accounts for background fluctuations while screening vehicles for radioactive sources.

The Mirion FastTrack-Vehicle is a unique monitor used to check trucks and cars for radioactivity without time loss.

It is the first vehicle monitor in the world that uses the FastTrack algorithms developed and patented by Mirion Technologies. This enables an accurate differentiation between possible variations in background radiation and radiation sources in the vehicles driven through the monitor. This in turn significantly reduces the false alarm rate and the drive-through speed is increased accordingly.


Large Vehicle Monitor

Vehicle monitor for highest performance requirements.

The FastTrack-Vehicle™ XL is setting new standards in radiometric screening of trucks and vehicles.

It delivers a robust performance under circumstances a conventional gamma monitor would produce a false alarm.

The monitor combines the FastTrack technology with highly sensitive GammaFibre™ detectors, making the FastTrack-Vehicle™ XL a reliable partner for monitoring many vehicles in very short time.