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Direct Write “Maskless” Lithography


Durham Magneto Optics MicroWriter ML®3

The MicroWriter ML3 products are a range of photolithography machines designed for rapid prototyping and small volume manufacturing in R&D laboratories and clean rooms. Conventional approaches to photolithography are usually based on exposing through a chromium-glass mask manufactured by specialist vendors. In R&D environments it is often necessary to change the mask design frequently. Direct-write lithography tools overcome this problem by holding the mask in software. Rather than projecting light through a physical mask, direct-write lithography uses computer-controlled optics to project the exposure pattern directly onto the photoresist.

The MicroWriter ML3 family comprises four compact, high-performance, direct-write optical lithography machines which are designed to offer unprecedented value in a small laboratory footprint.

Why choose the MicroWriter ML3 family?

  • All models are very competitively priced.
  • All models offer fast writing speed.
  • All models have a low cost of ownership (e.g., the light sources have a lifetime of 20,000 hours and are guaranteed for 2 years).
  • The MicroWriter ML3 Mesa and MicroWriter ML3 Pro have an impressive array of advanced features usually only found in high-end machines.
  • All machines are designed for use by PhD students and post-docs in a research environment and so have an attractive, intuitive and simple Windows user interface while still offering a flexibility and high level of access to machine operation for those who want to develop new techniques.
  • All machines share a common technology platform, allowing users to upgrade from the MicroWriter ML3 Baby all the way up to the MicroWriter ML3 Pro at a later date.