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Particle Imaging

LaVision’s ParticleMaster imaging systems measure simultaneously size, shape and velocity of individual particles, droplets or bubbles dispersed in gas, liquid or multiphase flows. High-magnification shadow imaging with eye-safe LEDs or ultra-short laser pulses is applied giving confidence in the measurement method, as you can directly see the results of the particle imaging process.

Data acquisition and interactive image analysis with direct feedback and instant result generation are performed with the powerful ParticleMaster software module in DaVis.


ParticleMaster inspex
Robustness, reliability and reproducibility – industrial applications are demanding for measurement tools. The ParticleMaster inspex system is especially designed for quality control applications in industrial environment.

ParticleMaster Shadow
Scientific and research work essentially lives from high flexibility of the measurement equipment. The modular ParticleMaster Shadow system can be adapted to changing requirements and offers various upgrade paths.

ParticleMaster IMI
Research applications with sparse sprays of small droplets or small bubbles benefit from the Interferometric Mie Imaging technique.