NOVAtouch series – High-throughput surface area and pore size analyzer

The NOVAtouch series are the instruments of choice for hundreds of labs globally. These rapid, high-throughput vacuum volumetric gas sorption analyzers provide quality control and research labs alike with the surface area and pore size analysis capabilities they require – and all this at an affordable price. Either two or four analysis stations with four built-in vacuum or flow degassing stations reduce the overall bench space while maximizing performance. A 21 CFR Part 11 compliant version of the software is available for pharmaceutical customers.

Technical Specifications

General specifications
Ambient temperature range15 °C to 40 °C
Relative humidity<80 %
Dimensions (W x D x H)61.6 cm x 49.2 cm x 82.9 cm (24.3 in x 19.4 in x 32.6 in)
Weight43 kg (95 lbs)
Analysis specifications
Analysis stations2 (NOVAtouch LX2) or 4 (NOVAtouch LX4)
AdsorbatesNitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide and any other inert gas
Surface area range0.01 m²/g to no known upper limit
Pore volume (STP)<0.0001 cc/g
Pore volume (liquid)<2.2 x 10⁻⁶ cc
Total pore volumeAt user selectable P/P0
Pore size range3.5 Å* to 5000 Å (0.35 nm* to 500 nm)
Reproducibility<2 % (typical)
Maximum analysis time>40 hours (with liquid nitrogen)
Coolant level controlCLS coolant sensor
Number of degassing stationsFour (vacuum and flow capable)

*3.5 Å to 20 Å range only covered using CO₂ on carbonaceous samples

Pressure specifications
Pressure transducer accuracy>±0.01 % of span
Pressure range0 MPa to 0.13 MPa (0 torr to 1000 torr)
Pressure resolution0.00006 torr (60 micro-torr)
P₀ measurementPeriodic using dedicated P₀ transducer