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DVIM-G Advanced Pneumatic Vibration Mount

DVIM Series is a subsystem used in equipment with linear stages to both minimize floor vibrations and the residual vibrations from after the stage motions occur.  DVIM-G offers the fastest payload settling time, predominant vibration isolation and superior damping among DVIM Series.

DVIM-G employs the special mechanical filter system and unique design to obtain its low natural frequency of 1.0 Hz – 1.2 Hz, delivering   vibrations from a floor effectively. 


  • Inspection Equipment with Motion Systems

  • Semiconductor/FPD Manufacturing Inspection Equipment

  • Optical Laser Equipment

  • OEM 

DVIM-M Standard Pneumatic Vibration Mount

DVIM-Series provides much more damping than ISO pneumatic vibration isolators and it is a subsystem used in linear XY stages to minimize vibrations and stabilize the stages after the stage motions occur.  DVIM-M offers fast payload setting time, high vibration isolation performance level and damping at affordable price. 

DVIM-M provides the high level of vibration isolation in both vertical and horizontal axis.  DVIM-M pneumatic isolators are optimized to offer the maximum vibration isolation performance within the heavy and high-speed linear XY stages.


  • Linear stages

  • Semiconductor/FPD Manufacturing Inspection Systems

  • Optical Laser Equipment

  • OEM applications

DVIM-F Basic Pneumatic Vibration Mount

Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System At Affordable Price

DVIM-F consists an air spring, providing vibration isolation in both vertical and horizontal axis at affordable price.  In addition, since DVIM-F isolators isolate systems from vibration through the air spring, durability of the isolators are outstanding; therefore, users do not need to worry about replacing the isolation system with new ones. DVIM-F pneumatic isolators are recommended for the stages requiring less vibration isolation, damping and settling time.

When DVIM-F isolators are used with built-in oil dampers, the movements of X-Y linear stages are minimized, the payload settling time is reduced, and stiffness of the isolators are increased. 


  • Linear X-Y stages

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing & Inspection Equipment

  • LCD Manufacturing & Inspection Equipment 

  • Optical Laser Machines

  • OEM applications