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Acoustic Enclosures

DAEIL’s acoustic enclosure is specifically designed to provide outstanding acoustic isolation in the nosiest environments for ultra-sensitive metrology tools. Acoustic noise can critically disturb those high-performance metrology tools such as AFMs, and with our advanced acoustic isolation layering technology, our acoustic enclosure isolate acoustic noise from adversely affecting measurement data.  ​

  • Exceptional acoustic isolation performance across a broad frequency spectrum

  • Multiple layers of acoustic dampening material 

  • Triple-pane window allows monitoring of inside without opening a door

  • Gas spring allows easy opening/closing of a door

  • Anti-vibration rubber and stiff granite plate are installed inside the acoustic chamber

  • Casters are attached on the support frame, providing mobility

SEM Acoustic Enclosure

As electron microscopy advances, a quite and noise controlled environment is essentially required.  DAEIL SYSTMES’s SEM acoustic enclosure that specially designed for electron microscopes to provide an optimal environment that acoustic noise cannot be transmitted to the electron microscopes inside the enclosure. Our SEM enclosure has a cooling control system to prevent rising temperatures inside the enclosure, and the enclosure isolate the microscope from acoustic noises as well. In addition, users can add custom configurations and accessories according to specifications and purpose.