Economy Constant Temperature Water Bath- BM Series

Easy to use, compact design water bath

  • Analog set up system
  • Thermometer is included to verify actual temperature
  • Protected water tank prevents burns caused by contact
  • Equipped with a drain (BM200/210)
  • Digital temperature setting by ▲/▼ keys
  • Protected water tank prevents burns caused by contact
  • Equipped with a drain
  • Digital temperature setting by ▲/▼ keys
  • Removable water tank for convenient cleaning and changing of water
  • Heater situated outside the water tank
  • Exclusive connection for bath operational setting function with RE601/801 rotary evaporator

Programmable Precision Constant Temperature Water Bath- BH Series

Benchtop precision constant temperature bath equipped with high performance controller for higher precision and wider temperature range.

Operation and functions
  • Precision controller enables temperature adjustment accuracy of ±0.01°C (at 20°C) BH501 can be used as precision water or oil bath
  • Maximum of 99 steps of programming operation, fixed temperature operation, Quick auto stop, Auto stop and Auto start functions RS485 communication function,
  • Temperature output terminal (1~5V), Alarm output terminal, calibration offset function and key lock function Better external circulation with powerful circulation pump
  • Circulation pump flow changeable up to 10 patterns
  • Circulated water temperature (closed type) can be controlled precisely by external sensor
  • Control panel can be removed for remote control by using communication cable (sold separately)
Safety features
  • Self diagnostic functions, Earth leakage circuit breaker, Empty boiling prevention switch, Automatic overheating prevention, Independent overheating prevention

Low Constant Temperature Water Bath – BBL101/301

Benchtop water bath with wide operating temperature range and sufficient bath capacity

Benchtop constant low temperature water bath, with capacity 8L/13L and operating temperature range -10~80°C

  • Precision control with temperature adjustment accuracy of ±0.1°C
  • More applications available with larger tank space
  • Internal / External Circulation can be changed easily
  • Shelf height is 2 stage adjustable for different flask sizes
  • Standard equipped with auto stop, auto start, RS485 communication function, temperature output terminal (4~20mA)
  • Enhanced safety features includes self-diagnostic function, overcurrent circuit breaker, refrigerator overload relay, empty boiling prevention float switch, refrigerator protection delay timer function.

Immersion Constant Temperature Device- Thermomate BF Series

Multi-function immersion thermostatic device with improved performance, operability and safety

Operation and functions
  • Four models including basic model with only fixed temperature operation and multi-function models with segment programming function, external output and external communication function
  • Water jet strength can be adjusted in 10 patterns
  • Temperature preset function enables memory and read out of temperature BF601 can be used for water or oil
  • No protrusions, easy to set-up
Safety features
  • Self-diagnostic functions, circuit protector, water level detection sensor and buzzer alarm for errors

Immersion Cooler (Neo Cool Dip) BE Series

Operating temp. range -20~+35°C

  • Easy to use compact benchtop immersion cooler in combination with water bath
  • Cools down water bath immediately by dipping cooling coil into fluid
  • Improved safety by adopting overcurrent circuit breaker
  • Spiral tube of BE201 changed from copper to chrome plated copper with high corrosion resistance Stainless steel flexible cooling coil of BE201F/301 is high corrosion resistant and can be easily bent to fit various bath capacities
  • Comes with handles for better usability