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Economy Constant Temperature Water Bath- BM Series

Easy to use, compact design water bath

  • Analog set up system
  • Thermometer is included to verify actual temperature
  • Protected water tank prevents burns caused by contact
  • Equipped with a drain (BM200/210)
  • Digital temperature setting by ▲/▼ keys
  • Protected water tank prevents burns caused by contact
  • Equipped with a drain
  • Digital temperature setting by ▲/▼ keys
  • Removable water tank for convenient cleaning and changing of water
  • Heater situated outside the water tank
  • Exclusive connection for bath operational setting function with RE601/801 rotary evaporator

Programmable Precision Constant Temperature Water Bath- BH Series

Benchtop precision constant temperature bath equipped with high performance controller for higher precision and wider temperature range.

Operation and functions
  • Precision controller enables temperature adjustment accuracy of ±0.01°C (at 20°C) BH501 can be used as precision water or oil bath
  • Maximum of 99 steps of programming operation, fixed temperature operation, Quick auto stop, Auto stop and Auto start functions RS485 communication function,
  • Temperature output terminal (1~5V), Alarm output terminal, calibration offset function and key lock function Better external circulation with powerful circulation pump
  • Circulation pump flow changeable up to 10 patterns
  • Circulated water temperature (closed type) can be controlled precisely by external sensor
  • Control panel can be removed for remote control by using communication cable (sold separately)
Safety features
  • Self diagnostic functions, Earth leakage circuit breaker, Empty boiling prevention switch, Automatic overheating prevention, Independent overheating prevention

Low Constant Temperature Water Bath – BBL101/301

Benchtop water bath with wide operating temperature range and sufficient bath capacity

Benchtop constant low temperature water bath, with capacity 8L/13L and operating temperature range -10~80°C

  • Precision control with temperature adjustment accuracy of ±0.1°C
  • More applications available with larger tank space
  • Internal / External Circulation can be changed easily
  • Shelf height is 2 stage adjustable for different flask sizes
  • Standard equipped with auto stop, auto start, RS485 communication function, temperature output terminal (4~20mA)
  • Enhanced safety features includes self-diagnostic function, overcurrent circuit breaker, refrigerator overload relay, empty boiling prevention float switch, refrigerator protection delay timer function.

Immersion Constant Temperature Device- Thermomate BF Series

Multi-function immersion thermostatic device with improved performance, operability and safety

Operation and functions
  • Four models including basic model with only fixed temperature operation and multi-function models with segment programming function, external output and external communication function
  • Water jet strength can be adjusted in 10 patterns
  • Temperature preset function enables memory and read out of temperature BF601 can be used for water or oil
  • No protrusions, easy to set-up
Safety features
  • Self-diagnostic functions, circuit protector, water level detection sensor and buzzer alarm for errors

Immersion Cooler (Neo Cool Dip) BE Series

Operating temp. range -20~+35°C

  • Easy to use compact benchtop immersion cooler in combination with water bath
  • Cools down water bath immediately by dipping cooling coil into fluid
  • Improved safety by adopting overcurrent circuit breaker
  • Spiral tube of BE201 changed from copper to chrome plated copper with high corrosion resistance Stainless steel flexible cooling coil of BE201F/301 is high corrosion resistant and can be easily bent to fit various bath capacities
  • Comes with handles for better usability

Shaking Water Bath Incubator


The BT units are constant temperature water baths that shake. They feature an easy-to-use and flexible inner tank and integrated vibrating design. They also incorporate a thermostat that enables fixed operation and comprehensive safety features.

The vibration range varies extends from 10 to 44mm and can be freely changed, while the oscillation frequency ranges from 20 to 160 times per minute, allowing for non-incremental speed transition. settings are input using a controller with a digital display.

Settings for the temperature and timer can be easily input using the up and down keys, and the settings appear on a digital display.

  • Method: Reciprocating shaking system, Stirring by pump
  • Operating Temp. Range: Room temp. +5°C to 80°C(when top cover is installed)
  • Temperature control accuracy: ±0.02°C to 0.08°C
  • Shaking frequency: 20 to 160 times/min
  • Shaking width: 10 to 40mm (adjustable)
  • Timer: 1 min. to 999 hr. 50 min. Digital display, Quick automatic start/stop
  • Internal Capacity: 19L / 23L / 34L