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Laboratory Flask Mixer-LM Series

Max. Speed Range 50 ~1000rpm Max. Torque 0.1N•m

LM Series compact design flask mixer features integrated drive and stirring seal allowing direct installation of flask and stirring in a vacuum and sealed state.
No time-consuming shaft alignment required.
Its strong stirring power is perfect for samples of high volume and high viscosity.
LM100/110 is designed with manual type rotation speed while LM200/210 is equipped with digital indicator.
• Wide range rotation speed of 50-1000 rpm
• Capable of vacuuming up to 399.9Pa without impairing rotation efficiency
• Directly attachable to a three-neck flask 24/40, 29/42 optional
• Maintenance free and superior DC brushless motor
• Belt drive transmission minimizes noise and vibration
• Variety of stirring shafts and blades available to handle small to large volume samples
• Fluorine rubber seal as standard for shaft seal, superior chemical resistant Teflon® rubber seal available as option
• At the flask joint, FKM o-ring is used as standard, superior chemical resistant Kalrez® o-ring available as option
• Equipped with 24/40 rotary joint, 29/42 optional
• Capable of AC100-240 by changing power cord

Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate


Strong stirrer with ceramic coating material

• Hot plate is made of chemical resistant, heat conductive aluminum with ceramic coating
• Stirrable for high viscosity sample Volume knob type temperature control

High temperature / boiling type magnetic stirrer with hot plate

• Stable rotation brings better results
• Excellent temperature stability and temperature rising speed with the adoption of round plate with good thermal efficiency
• Chemical resistant ceramic coating hot plate
• Equipped with circuit protector
• Strong stirring capacity up to 5L 20~60mm stirrer bar available

Laboratory Stirrer -LT400/500 Series

Max. Speed Range Operation Max. 3,000rpm (400 model) 1,200rpm (500 model)

LT series stirrers include LT400A and LT500A with higher torque, LT400B and LT500B with well-balanced speed and torque, and LT400C and LT400D with high speed to support different applications.

• Highly sensitive feedback system keeps the set speed even with changing viscosity during stir Maintenance free DC brushless motor Digital speed indicator for accurate speed setting and confirmation
• Noise prevention measures for optimal work environment More safety-oriented design

Heating Magnetic Stirrer

AREC-F20510011 / AREC-F20500011

Speed range 50 ~1500 rpm
Stirring capacity 15L

For general laboratory use and for all applications requiring precise regulation of stirring speed and heating plate temperature

• Ceramic heating plate obtains higher temperature compared to traditional aluminum heating plate and takes less time to heat the sample.
• Ceramic is an inert and very hard material resistant to almost any type of chemical or mechanical aggression.
• Its surface characteristics remain unaltered over time.
• This magnetic stirrer is used to mix liquids using a magnetically driven stir bar placed inside the vessel. The size and shape of the magnetic stir bar determines the stirring efficiency at any given speed.
• The instrument is turned on using the ON/OFF button.
• Stirring speed and temperature of the heating plate are adjusted using relative knobs on the front panel. Values are indicated on the digital display