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Compact Shaker- MK161

Rotary, elliptical and reciprocate motion

• Compact, space saving design
• Changeable rotary, elliptical and reciprocate motion for mixing, extracting and stirring of samples Stable and high torque shaking power and speed with the DC brushless motor
• Shaking frequency and timer are dial setting and digital display
• Shake pause function, timer function and constant operation by one switch Selectable mixing, extracting and stirring patterns when used with different shaking stage and racks (optional item)
• Can be placed inside IN602CSW incubator for shaking incubation

Compact Shaker-MK201D

Rotary and reciprocate shaking motion

• Compact, space-saving design
• Changeable rotary and reciprocate motion for mixing, extracting and stirring of samples
• Digital display of shaking frequency
• Equipped with shaking timer
• Easy to assemble and remove accessories
• Various shaking modes when used with different shaking stages and racks
• Can be placed inside IN-602CSW incubator for shaking incubation

Laboratory Shaker

Vertical / Horizontal / Rotary / Double-sided vertical shaking motion

The SA300 achieves two dimensional shaking (horizontal and vertical), while the SA320 enables rotary shaking and SA400 is double-sided vertical shaking. All models are efficient in extraction, culture and mixture stirring of samples.

  • Stable turns from low to high speed can be obtained
  • Compact and equipped with a powerful shaking load
  • Easy-to-use dial settings for shaking frequency and digital displays.
  • Possible to switch between timer operation and continuous operation
  • Various holders can be easily attached and removed and are extremely durable
  • The main unit shakes vertically, but it can be laid on the side to shake horizontally
  • 6 pieces of 1 liter liquid sample holder and
  • 4 pieces of 2 liter liquid sample holder can shake simultaneously
  • Double sided shaking possibility