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Natural Convection Oven DX Series

Economical, Constant Temperature Ovens

Highly practical standard ovens with maximum temperature up to 300°C

  • Standard type of natural convection constant temperature drying ovens, with extensive features and simple operation.
    Performance and functions
  • Economical and cost saving Easy to use and maintain
  • Excellent temperature accuracy
  • Digital PID controller for easy constant operation with options of Fixed setting,
  • Quick Auto Stop, Auto Start, Auto Stop operation
  • Increased safety and self-diagnostic function
  • Calibration off-set function Safety features Temp sensor error, Temp input circuit error, Auto overheat prevention, Measured temp error, Circuit breaker with over current protection

Programmable Natural Convection Oven DVS Series

Constant Temperature Oven DVS Series

Highly practical standard and programmable ovens
Operating temp. range Room temp. +5~260o C

Programmable natural convection, constant temperature oven with quickly performed program settings

Operation and functions

  • Excellent temperature accuracy
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Equipped with a 6 pattern PID program controller with easy program settings (30 steps x 1, 15 steps x 2, 10 steps x 3)
  • Simultaneously display of set constant and measured temperature
  • Quick Auto stop, Auto Start / Stop operation Increased safety and self-diagnostic function With calibration off-set function
Safety features
  • Self-diagnosis functions (Temp. sensor abnormal, Heater disconnection, Internal communication error, temperature input circuit abnormality, Automatic overheat prevention function, SSR-short), Overheat prevention, Electric leakage breaker with over current protection

Economical Forced Convection Oven DKM Series

Forced convection, constant temperature oven with basic fixed settings and simple operational functions


Performance and functions
  • Fixed temperature, Quick Auto stop, Auto stop, and Auto start operating modes are possible, along with easy control capabilities
  • Settings can be made digitally using the dedicated ope-ration menu keys or the up and down keys
  • Auto recovery after power failure, calibration off-set and key-lock are possible through the auxiliary functions
Safety features
  • Self-diagnostic functions, Auto overheat prevention, Independent overheat prevention

Forced Convection Oven DKN Series

Our standard forced convection ovens are programmable and come with extended functions and safety features

  • Bestseller based on excellent performance & affordability
  • Superior temperature accuracy
  • DKN302C/312C/402C/412C/602C/612C come with observation windows
  • Programmable PID controller for easy program settings
  • Increased safety and Self-diagnostic function
  • Easy to use and maintain Built in exhaust ports

Forced Convection Oven Energy Saving DNF Series

High performance, programmable, energy saving oven with air velocity control and exhaust dampers

  • Two types of circulation, forced and natural convection, in one unit (compatible with model 300/400/600)
  • Eco-oven with improved air velocity control system and adjustable damper
  • Program featured to reduce power consumption significantly
  • Superior heat tightness and insulation of chamber
  • Excellent dust tightness, dust can hardly enter the chamber
  • Air velocity changeable in 10 stages using digital setting of controller
  • Standard with 99 step program operation with repeat operation, auto start, auto stop and quick auto stop functions
  • Adjustable damper position at chamber front to optimize operation
  • Fluorescent display, interactive input method, calibration off-set function

Benchtop Vacuum Drying Oven

Standard small size benchtop vacuum drying oven with enhanced safety features
Operating temp. range 40~240o C

  • Easy input of parameters and settings
  • Supports Auto start and Auto quick stop
  • Silicon rubber door seal prevents air from leaking
  • Self diagnostic and overheating prevention functions
  • Independent overheating prevention device for each circuit
  • Customizable with N2 gas inlet and communication ports
  • Easy maintenance