Q700 Sonicator

Full Amplitude Control
Full amplitude control Amplitude (intensity) is controlled from 1-100% giving a greater degree of resolution and the ability to pinpoint the amplitude needed to effectively process your sample.

Parameters including processing times, pulse on/off and amplitude can be saved to memory and run by the touch of a button.

Pulse Mode
Adjustable pulse On and Off times to reduce the heat gain in temperature sensitive samples.

Temperature Monitoring
An optional temperature probe is available for those customers who wish to monitor the temperature of their sample. If the temperature limit is reached, sonication shuts down to prevent overheating.

RoHS Compliant
All Qsonica equipment is built lead free.
Run Multiple Programs In Sequence
Multiple programs can be run in sequence. For example, the unit can be programmed to sonicate at 50% amplitude for 5 minutes, shut off for 2 minutes and re-start at 25% amplitude for 10 minutes. Up to 5 programs can be run in succession.

Total Energy Output Display
Energy delivered to the probe is displayed in both Watts and Joules.

Auto Tuning
The Sonicator digitally tracks frequency changes in the converter / tip assembly caused by load and temperature changes and maintains electrical efficiency at all times. Manual tuning is unnecessary.

Overload Protection
The unit is equipped with fault detection circuitry to shut down sonication in the event that a fault occurs.
Touch Screen Control
A large, color LCD screen clearly displays all operating parameters and options. Intuitively and quickly access any of the Sonicator’s functions with a simple touch.


  • Generator
    1/2” diameter probe
    Power cable
    Converter cable
    Wrench set