MicroHR Series

Short Focal Length Imaging Spectrometers

140 mm focal length high performance and versatile imaging spectrometer

Available as an imaging spectrograph or a scanning monochromator, HORIBA’s MicroHR spectrometer offers excellent flexibility and performance in a small and affordable package. These spectrometers benefit from the highest quality of gratings, also designed and manufactured by HORIBA. A rugged, high throughput optical system, the MicroHR is an ideal, affordable tool for a wide range of spectroscopic applications.


High Sensitivity Imaging Spectrograph

Compact, affordable imaging spectrograph with deep-cooled scientific CCD

HORIBA Scientific’s new Lumetta™ brings high performance to the rapid compact spectrometer market. It offers the highest throughput or signal gathering capacity in this class, employing a tall sensor and an F/2 design. With a scientific grade one CCD that is cooled to -50 oC, it offers a sensitivity to rival more expensive high-end benchtop systems. And being an imaging spectrograph, it enables advanced techniques such as multitrack spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging – all at a very affordable price.

The new FHR 640 and FHR FHR Spectrometer: FHR 640 & FHR 1000

1000 spectrometers offer a unique combination of drive speed, precision and high resolution, completely revolutionizing the large spectrometer market. The latest modifications in FHR technology are based on over ten years of testing by industrial and analytical systems specialists at HORIBA Scientific.

Designed for researchers who require high accuracy with immediate results, the versatility of the FHR allows for utilization over a wide spectral range, extending from the UV to the IR. The instrument’s cast body design accounts for temperature induced stress and expansion, preventing any significant wavelength shifts or signal loss and allowing for optimal performance.

The direct grating drive features a grating speed of greater than 300 nm/second, offering users significantly reduced experiment times. Equipped with a fully automated wavelength drive and automated slits, the FHR is available in multiple monochromator and spectrograph configurations, offering a dual field at the exit for array detectors and compatibility with HORIBA Scientific’s full line of accessories. Superior in design, the FHR is the ideal long focal length spectrometer for performing fast acquisitions with high quality results.

iHR550 Imaging Spectrometer

The iHR550 spectrometer offers a unique combination of spectral quality, flexibility, robustness, and ease of use that makes it the ideal general-purpose spectrometer for performing spectral measurements with quality results.

With a focal length of 0.55 m, the iHR550 is designed to deliver superb image quality for spectral measurements, and offers the ability to perform multi-track experiments with up to 20 fiber inputs. Incorrect and re-diffracted spectra are eliminated using an asymmetric Czerny-Turner design, in conjunction with our patented on-axis grating drive system. The iHR550 has two entrance and two exit ports available. Each exit port can be configured for use with either an Array detector, such as a CCD, or with a slit for use with a PMT.

Built as a single-piece cast aluminum housing, the iHR550 is robust and ready to easily make the most difficult measurements.

1000M, Series II: High Resolution Research Spectrometer

With a 1000 mm focal length, this spectrometer is ideal for applications when extremely low stray light levels are required, such as in Raman fluorescence excitation or when ultra high resolution is needed for emission structure analysis. A large mechanical range allows high density gratings to be utilized at a longer wavelength for maximum resolution potential – a 1200 g/mm grating can be scanned to 1500 nm, with .008 nm resolution.

The M Series has long been a proven family of research-grade spectrometers, offering a degree of system automation and versatility not found in any comparable focal length spectrometer. The new Series II product line provides the reliability and unchallenged resolution that has come to be associated with M Series spectrometers, with improved features including high speed USB 2.0 compatibility, complete library of interchangeable gratings, and compatibility with HORIBA Scientific’s Synapse™ CCDs, full line of single channel detectors, PMTs and accessories.

1250M Research Spectrometer

Fitted with extra-large mirrors, the 1250M offers the ultimate in resolution without sacrificing throughput. It has unmatched specifications, at an affordable price, with the addition of automated features common to the M Series Spectrometers. This combination makes the 1250M unique among high resolution spectrometers. It is, of course, compatible with all HORIBA Jobin Yvon controllers, from the RS232 interface to SynerJY Software which provides complete automation of your experiment. 
The 1250M is the spectrometer of choice for highest resolution spectroscopy whether your samples are gases, semiconductors, lasers or something else