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The THMSG600 is based on the design of the highly successful THMS600 stage and then upgraded and modified specifically for geological applications.

Unrivalled accuracy and control of temperature enable the user to characterise fluid inclusions to better than 0.1°C and hold a stability of 0.001°C. The THMSG600 has a temperature range of -196°C to 600°C.

The response time to a ‘Hold’ or ‘Limit’ command where the temperature is stable to 0.1°C is only 0.1 seconds at 30°C/min.

The sample is placed on 7mm quartz cover slip. A pure silver lid can then be placed on top to create an oven so the sample is heated from all sides, ensuring a perfectly uniform temperature.

The LNP96 liquid nitrogen cooling system is used to enable the large range in cooling rates from 0.01 to 150°C/min.  This highly efficient liquid nitrogen pump, using proprietary pumps and tubing, controls the pumping rate to ensure minimal liquid nitrogen is required and a consistent smooth cooling curve no matter which rate is selected.

The new T96-LinkPad temperature controller with LCD touch screen control is used to quickly program a temperature profile by simply tapping the onscreen controls.  Heating rates have also been increased up to 150°C/min to enable even faster characterisation.  To control the system from the PC and capture both data and digital images, upgrade the system by adding the intuitive LINK software.


The LTS420 hot stage is optimised for isothermal analysis of larger samples where high speed heating and cooling and excellent thermal stability are required.

The LTS420 is an easy to use, versatile heating and freezing stage. The stage consists of a large area temperature controlled element with a sensor embedded close to the surface for accurate temperature measurements in the range of -196 to 420°C (when used with LNP96 cooling pump).

The sample is simply mounted on a standard microscope slide in direct contact with the heating element and can be manipulated 15mm in X and Y direction. The sample chamber is gas tight and has gas valves to purge with either inert gas. There is also a humidity compatible version.

This stage is also available with internal electrical connections and probes.  There is even an inverted microscope version, please contact us for further details.


Based upon the proven low pressure and temperature control technology developed for the Freeze Drying System (FDCS196), Linkam has modified the stage body and temperature control element to extend the temperature range from -196°C up to 350°C at a vacuum of 10-3mbar* using a simple 2.5L vacuum pump.

It is now possible to carry out ultra low temperature experiments with virtually no gas or air contamination of the sample.

A pirani gauge can be supplied to relay the sample chamber pressure to either the LINK software or the LinkPad. By connecting the vacuum pump to the MV196 motorized valve, pressure can be quickly and accurately varied utilizing simple on screen software controls.

To cool samples from ambient down to -196°C, add the LNP96 liquid nitrogen cooling system.

This system can also be supplied with electrical connections as the THMS350EV.

*achievable vacuum is dependant on temperature.