Steady State and Lifetime Bench-top Spectrofluorometer

The FluoroMax® series represents Horiba’s industry-leading fluorometer performance in a convenient, affordable, easy-to-use benchtop model. It’s a compact spectrofluorometer, yet offers the ultimate sensitivity in fluorescence investigations as well as features not found in most table-top fluorescence detection systems.

The FluoroMax® series consists of the FluoroMax-4, the latest generation of the original, high performance tabletop fluorometer, which offers extended performance with detection of emission spectra out to 1700 nm and (TCSPC) Time Correlated Single Photon Counting lifetime measurements as short as 25ps.

The FluoroMax series spectrofluorometers are ideal for measuring solid and liquid samples.


  • Water Raman signal-to-noise ratio: 16000:1 (6000:1 FSD)
  • Photon Counting for Ultimate Sensitivity
  • Fast Scanning capability – up to 80 nm/second
  • Powerful FluorEssence™ software for Windows®
  • Method Files to recall complete experiment parameters
  • Time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC) accessory for lifetime determinations
  • Phosphorimeter accessory for long-lived luminescence determinations


Steady State and Lifetime Modular Spectrofluorometer

Most recognized, sensitive and versatile modular spectrofluorometer on the market with TCSPC lifetimes and interchangeable accessories

The Fluorolog®-3 is a unique, modular system which allows the researcher to interchange a wide range of accessories to correspond precisely with the characteristics of a given sample. From analysis of steady-state or molecular dynamics to IR probes, the Fluorolog®-3 comes equipped with a wide range and limitless configuration of accessories to enhance the accuracy and speed of it’s performance. The Fluorolog®-3 series enables you to customize your spectrofluorometer’s performance to meet your research needs.

It can also perform (TCSPC) Time Correlated Single Photon Counting lifetime measurements like the FluoroMax-4 and QM800.

Fully modular and customizable, the Fluorolog®-3 can stand alone as the centerpiece of your laboratory or interface with other instruments to multiply the capabilities of your lab.