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A Better Spectrometer Concept

The Future of Fluorescence

  • Simultaneous Fluorescence and Absorbance Spectrometer
  • UV-Vis-NIR Fluorescence Detection Wavelength Range from 250 to 1,100 nm
  • Full 3-D Fluorescence EEM Acquisition in Less Than One Second
  • Best in Class Fluorescence Sensitivity Specification of 6,000:1 RMS for Water Raman
  • Automatic Correction for Primary and Secondary Inner Filter Effects (IFE)
  • High Fidelity Molecular Fingerprinting with Unique A-TEEM™
  • (Absorbance-Transmittance Excitation Emission Matrix) Technology
  • Millisecond CCD Detection of Entire Fluorescence Spectrum

A New Spectrometer Design

Simultaneous Fluorescence and Absorbance

Duetta’s two specialized sample detectors simultaneously collect fluorescence at right angles to the excitation light, and absorbance straight through the sample.

Absolute Fluorescence Spectra with Real Time Inner Filter Effect (IFE) Correction

IFE limits the linearity of the fluorescence signal at higher sample concentrations due to primary and secondary re-absorption of fluorescence. Duetta’s unique design applies real time IFE correction to obtain absolute fluorescence spectra at higher sample concentrations.

CCDs Collect the Entire Emission Spectrum

Duetta’s CCD detection takes a snapshot of the entire fluorescence emission spectrum from 250 to 1100 nm. (So not only is it much faster but it also gives you much more information than the competition.)

Ergonomic, Hands Free, Sample Access

Extended NIR Wavelength Range up to 1100 nm

Near Infrared applications are growing rapidly, and Duetta is ready to meet the challenge with fluorescence detection from 250 to 1100 nm, well beyond the reach of standard PMTs.

Emission from Neodymium Glass
NIR detection comparing Duetta with PMT.

Easy Lamp Cartridge Replacement Lamp

Lamp cartridges are pre-aligned at the factory, guaranteeing perfect alignment upon snap-in replacement.

Smart Sample Accessory Trays

Switching from one type of sample holder to another could not be easier.

Without any tools or cables, Duetta’s spill proof sample accessory trays are identified by EzSpec software,

enable electrical power for the appropriate module (4-position Peltier holder), and read an enabled sensor (temperature), if available.

If you’d like to know more about Duetta, its hyphenated techniques and its application in your industry or field of research,  CONTACT US!