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Advanced Flow Field Imaging 
in Fluid Mechanics

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) as well as Particle Tracking Velocimetry (PTV) are recognized as the most powerful and practical diagnostic tools for flow field analysis in fluid dynamics applications. Instantaneous 2D and 3D flow images are measured with high spatial and temporal resolution. LaVision’s FlowMaster PIVsystems have been generating valuable insights into flow phenomena in scientific, engineering, biological and medical applications for many years. Constant technological advances in hardware and implementation of the latest research of algorithms assure the maximum in performance, accuracy and system operability.

Our FlowMaster models are application oriented, meeting a wide range of measurement requirements due to their modular and flexible system design.




Pressure from PIV/PTV


The new Pressure from PIV software package meets the strong demand for direct extraction of full 3D and 2D pressure fields from PIV and Shake-the-Box (4D-PTV) data. With only a few clicks, Pressure from PIV together with LaVision’s DaVis 10software retrieves and visualizes average pressure fields from all kinds of PIV and PTV velocity data either imported to or directly computed by DaVis. For time-resolved data, even the instantaneous pressure can be evaluated.