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Coaxial Feedthroughs

Coaxially feedthroughs are single pin feedthroughs consisting of central conductor and ‘co-axial’ shield. Both floated and grounded shields are available, as well as single ended and double ended configurations.


Thermal Deposition Systems 

Ceramic-metal (vacuum) breaks & ceramic-metal (liquid) breaks available in a variety of voltage ratings and end fittings/flanges.




Viewports/Optical Feedthroughs 

A comprehensive range of viewports, fiber-optic feedthroughs, and glass-metal adapters. Multiple material types and surface treatments are available to allow for optimal transmission of specified wavelengths.



Motion Feedthroughs 

Motion feedthroughs designed to provide precise, repeatable movement or coarse positioning. May provide rotary motion, linear motion, heating/cooling or a combination there of.

Feedthrough Accessories 

A vast variety of connector and cabling accessories. Such as air & vacuum side connectors, wire, and ceramic insulators.