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The new standard for value in SECM research



The probe used in this technique is a tapered disk ultramicroelectrode. The resolution depends on the size of the electrode. The system is provided with a positioning system, a control box hosting two pstat/gstats/FRA to polarize both the sample and the electrode



The SECM probe maintained at a constant distance from the sample. Rough, large, uneven samples can be studied using this mode with dc- or ac-SECM. In addition to an ac/dc-SECM system, it only requires an additional piezo element and two LIAs (Lock-In Amplifier) hosted by the control box.



Two scanning heads are offered in this technique: in the first one the electrolyte flowing in the droplet is renewed. In the second the electrolyte in the droplet is static. The system includes a positioning system, two control boxes hosting the pstat/gstat and the positioning control.



Using a bi-electrode probe, the local ac current flowing from the sample under sinusoidal potential modulation and leading to the local impedance of the sample is measured. The system includes a positioning system, an electrometer board, a pstat/gstat/FRA, in two different chassis.