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Coating System for Float Glass

A highly controllable uniform spray for your float glass process.

SonoTek’s experience and understanding of the unique demands of continuous float glass production has contributed to making the Widetrack spray system superior for the needs of the industry. It’s proven reliability and low maintenance design make it excellent for 24/7 glass manufacturing processes; providing uniform dispersed droplets or continuous thin films.

Ideal for anti-stain and other protective coatings..

Coating System for
Antimicrobial Coatings

Ultrasonic system for spraying silver, silane, triclosan and ammonium-based antimicrobial agents onto a wide variety of surfaces to prevent infection and/or inhibit the growth of mold, gram (+) and gram (-) bacteria and fungi.T

The WideTrack system creates a wide, uniform, thin film coating. The thickness and concentration of coatings can be easily controlled and adjusted to maximize durability and efficiency.