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MediSonic System

The MediSonic™ system features a controlled vacuum ultrasonic spray deposition process, providing continuous films on implantable medical devices. Coating of these devices is intrinsically difficult because of their delicate structures and intricate design. The unique MediSonic™ design applies thin films that can range in thickness from angstroms to many microns. The process can be used to coat three-dimensional or two-dimensional devices with varying thickness and morphology. It is ideally suited for applying continuous, uninterrupted smooth finishes onto medical devices such as stents, pacemakers and other implantables, with no webbing, pin holes or voids.

ThinSonic System

Using a Sono-Tek TSCVD ultrasonic nozzle specifically designed to operate in a vacuum environment, the ThinSonic™ chemical vapor deposition system operates on a unique but simple principle. Originally developed by researchers at Cornell University, Sono-Tek’s ThinSonic system has proven successful in a variety of Metallic Organic CVD applications, as well as in cold chamber applications such as applying thin polymeric films.