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Ultrasonic Nozzle
Sono-Tek Ultrasonic Nozzles reduce:
Material consumption by up to 80%
Wasteful overspray and atmospheric contamination
Waste disposal
Servicing and downtime

Versatile, Reliable, Consistent
Spray patterns easily shaped for precise coating
Highly controllable spray produces consistent results
Non-clogging, Corossion resistant
No moving parts to wear out
Ultra-low flow rate capabilities, intermittent or continuous

Vortexing Nozzle
Controllable, rotational air movement. Produces a conical spray pattern that is 2″ – 6″ in diameter, depending on frequency and distance to substrate

Capable of spraying in any orientation over a range of ultrasonic frequencies

Dual Liquid Feed Option
Sono-Tek’s dual liquid feed option allows for even greater flexibility in your process, as two liquids can be mixed right at the nozzle’s atomizating surface.

Ultrasonic atomization produces a tight and controllable drop size distribution. This is capable of micro-quantity dispensing. Dual liquid feed avoids premature mixing of components. Ideal for Micro-encapsulation

Liquids are delivered through an external hypotube to the nozzle’s atomizing surface. A low-pressure air stream through the nozzle’s central orifice entrains the spray and produces a very tight, percision spray pattern (with fine line spray widths as low as 0.015″ possible.

Ultra low flow spray rates over a wide range (from 0.3 – 9 ml/hour)

Marangoni Process
Vortex Nozzles have been proven successful for the Marangoni wafer drying process. The wide flow rate capability allows for ultra-low delivery of IPA during marangoni process. Low velocity ultrasonic atomization does not affect the wafer. Ultrasonic spray allows easy control of the amount of alcohol used and the thickness of the alcohol layer on the DI water surface

Fuel Cell Coating Nozzles
Ultrasonic nozzles are ideal for spraying Proton Exchange Membranes (PEMs) with catalyst solutions including carbon black, conductive inks, PTFE binder, platinum, nickel and/or resins. The uniform thin film coating achieved with ultrasonics retains the porosity of the electrode and does not impede the transport of reactants due to flooding of the electrode surface. Catalyst solutions will not clog the ultrasonic nozzle, allowing for precise coatings with controlled droplet sizes at ultra-low flow rates.

Conveyorized Tabletop Enclosure
A complete stand-alone ultrasonic spray system that can be fully integrated with Sonotek systems.

Stainless steel paneling
Aluminum frame (stainless steel option available)
Exhausted enclosure
Polycarbonate view shields
Leveling feet

Conveyor System
Chain drive (stainless steel)
Chain race (UHMW)
60” (1.52 m) length
Chain speed: 0-10 ft/min (0-3 m/min)