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attension Sigma 702ET

Contact angle is a sensitive characterization technique, enabling fast and accurate characterization of surface properties

Tensiometry is widely utilized in different industries such as Chemicals, Energy, Food, Paper & Packaging, and Pharmaceuticals to characterize different material properties.

Applications include Inkjet printing, Self-cleaning coatings, Wettability of contact lenses, Nanotemplate solvents, Fiber wettability, Cell metabolism, Lactose wettability, Polymer surface treatment, Green chemistry and Micelle stabilization.


Contact angle is well suited for studies or quality control of wafers providing information on the surface cleanliness and homogeneity. The method can also be used to characterize wafer surfaces and the effect of surface treatments. Read more…

Paper and Packaging

Surface and interface science play a significant role in many papermaking and converting processes. Therefore, tensiometers have been widely utilized in this industrial sector. Read More…


The pharmaceutical industry develops, produces and markets drugs with the obligation to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Applications for Attension Tensiometers include Surface free energy characterization of drugs to determine processibility and bioavailability of the product.Read More…


Chemicals industry comprises the wide range of industrial chemical producers. Tensiometry is strongly involved in research and development of new chemicals, formulation technology, and quality and process control of the various chemical industry applications. Read More…

Food Industry

Food technology develops new food additives to enhance taste, flavor, and appearance and to preserve food quality over time. This includes the development and controlling the quality of packaging. Operating process control of food quality and hygiene obey the regulations defined by the regulatory authorities. Attension tensiometers contribute at all levels of the food supply chain from production to consumption.Read More…


Attension Tensiometers At A Glance:

Theta lite

Sigma 700 / 701
Sigma 702 / 702ET
Sigma 703


Static and dynamic
contact angles, static and semi-dynamic surface/ interfacial tension, surface
free energy, drop volume, interfacial rheology
Dynamic contact angle,
static surface/interfacial
tensions, automatic critical micelle concentration,
surface free energy
Semi-dynamic surface tension, manual critical micelle concentration
Dynamic surface tension, bubble lifetime and deadtime, hydrostatic pressure,
effective adsorption time


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