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Branson’s innovations include a signature elevated control panel, positioned above and behind the bath to avoid damage and increase operator safety. With a unique sweep frequency technology to eliminate standing waves, and a pioneering 40 kHz industrial transducers, Bransonic ultrasonic baths have been the industry standard for quality, reliability, and precision cleaning.

Digital Ultrasonic Baths

Advanced technology and digital performance in our most robust, versatile, ultrasonics baths.

Mechanical Ultrasonic Baths

The Bransonic MT Series includes two simple-to-use models: the M and MTH Series. Both series are designed for basic yet effective cleaning, with set-it-and-forget-it mechanical timers, which can be set up to 60 minutes or run continuously. MH Series units also offer a heating option. And both series are excellent for use in a variety of applications


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