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  • Gilder – a reliable support specimen grid source
  • Veco – the most rigid grids available
  • Maxtaform – smooth edges, firm support, and a large open area
  • Index – Alpha Numeric and Asbestos Index Grids
  • Synaptek ™ unflexiable grids, made of beryllium-copper
  • Beryllium Grids for TEM
  • Embra and Molybdenum Grids
  • Support Film on Grids
  • C-flat™ Holey Carbon Grids for cryo-TEM
  • QUANTIFOIL Holey Carbon Films
  • Omniprobe Lift-Out Grids, TEM Holders, and Thinning
  • Grid Preparation Supplies
  • Heating Holder System for STEM, TEM, (S)TEM
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