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EC-Lab® Express V5 software
Easy-to-use electrochemistry software for new users and fast setups 

All our current potentiostats/galvanostats are supplied with the 32-bits Windows-based EC-Lab® Express electrochemistry software (NT, 2000, XP and Vista).

EC-Lab Express was originally designed to be an easy-to-use educational package aimed at introducing new users to electrochemical testing techniques. It contains more than 25 techniques and has the ability to sequence up to 100 experiments to create unique test programs. It will also generate and increment the file name automatically.

EC-Lab Express has evolved into a stand alone, easy-to-use basic package with unique features and advanced functions

EC-Lab® V9 software
Our powerful, friendly software platform
All our current potentiostats/galvanostats (except the SP-50) are supplied with the 32-bits Windows-based EC-Lab® electrochemistry software (NT, 2000, XP and Vista).

EC-Lab® performs a variety of electrochemical techniques from basic electrochemistry to corrosion/impedance to battery test. Each of the techniques provides flexible user input, technique specific plotting formats, and data analysis tools.
With more than 45 techniques available, EC-Lab® can address all electrochemical application area.

The graphic utilities in EC-Lab® are particularly advanced. They offer two-axes representations on Y1 and Y2 and contain a number of powerful and easy-to-use analysis tools. The simultaneous display of several graphs allows the user to follow an active experiment while analyzing data acquired previously.

EIS modeling is included using the well known circuit descriptor approach. More than 140 circuits with two minimization algorithms are available. The user can also define and built his own circuit model.

EC-Lab® development package & LabVIEW® drivers
The free EC-Lab® development package is for software developers who need to integrate the control of the Bio-Logic potentiostats/galvanostats/EIS in an OEM software.

This package supports the following instruments:

  • SP-150
  • VSP
  • HCP-803
  • BiStat
  • BiStat

The EC-Lab® development package includes a DLL with specific functions for:

  • Connection / disconnection to a selected instrument (Ethernet or USB)
  • Initialization of the channels by loading the firmware
  • Loading protocols on the channels
    • open circuit voltage
    • cyclic voltammetry
    • chrono-amperometry
    • chrono-potentiometry
    • potentiostatic impedance
    • galvanostatic Impedance
    • pulse potentiometry
    • pulse amperometry
    • constant power
    • constant load
    • staircase potentiostatic impedance
    • staircase galvanostatic impedance
  • Start/stop the selected channel(s)
  • Retrieving data

The EC-Lab® development package also includes a LLB LabVIEW® library where the functions of the DLL are implemented.

FC-Lab® software
Our easy-to-use software enables controlling separately the fuel gas supply and the electronic load
Our FCT-50S and FCT-150S testers are supplied with the 32-bits Windows-based FC-Lab® software (NT, 2000, XP and Vista).

FC-Lab® software can be schemed into three tabs: “Synopsis”, “Gas” and “Load”. The temperature, pressure and flow rates of fuel gases are monitored and controlled in the software on a specific “Gas” tab while electrochemical techniques are set in a separate “Load” tab. In the “Synopsis” tab, the user visualizes the setup of the different components of the gas lines in the FCT-150S (FCT-50S) tester. Real-time values for the various gas line parameters (flow, humidifier and transfer line temperature, backpressure) and fuel cell values (electrical, temperature) are also displayed.