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The ST25 Laser System offers a rugged table structure that will hold up to your demanding production schedule. One unique quality of this system is the easy access to three sides of the table for unobstructed loading and unloading of stock material and product.

The wrap around gantry and locked lead screw provides a smooth, stable motion package. Kern’s entry level laser system is the perfect size to fit into your home, shop, or anywhere with size restrictions. Prototyping applications have quickly become one of this system’s main applications.




Kern has spared no cost with its mid size Standard Laser System by using high speed servo motors, precision linear rails and an anti-backlash lead screw. Take confidence that Kern puts quality parts and engineering into every laser system that they manufacture. A one year warrany is provided on all of Kern laser systems.

The system shows off the metal cutting option which will allow you to cut stainless and mild steel. An automatic capacitive sensing height follower will sense any discrepacies in the metal to keep the proper focal height at all times.

All of the Standard Laser Systems will engrave at speeds up to 30″ per second.




This large format cutting system moves the laser along the x axis resulting in the most consistent beam width offered by any laser system on the market. The laser beam reflects off of one mirror and down to the focusing lense making it very easy to align.

Add a second laser head to this unit and you will double your production. The KCAM software will control each laser separately so both can be of equal power. The slave laser connects to the master laser via an adjustable bar. Remove the bar and the slave laser can be locked to the far right of the gantry leaving the master laser full use of the laser table.

A Dell computer with 1GB of RAM and all software to run the system comes with your laser purchase.