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HSE 25

The smallest HSE model comes standard with the same great features as the larger HSE models. This system packs a punch and is built with the same quality parts as its larger brothers. The open face design of the HSE25 is great for prototyping applications where a smaller bed size is acceptable.

Kern’s flying optics design allows the laser to be mounted on the backside of the gantry and the laser remains stationary while engraving of images. This feature allows for fast engraving speeds of up to 150″/sec with 5 G’s of acceleration.

This system, like all of Kern’s Lasers, has a U.L. certified electrical box which turns ON and OFF all components of the laser system.

Architectural model makers love this machine as they can set up their whole project on the table and not have to run multiple files to complete the scale model. This system truly is the system of choice for many laser applications.



HSE 50

The mid-sized HSE50 features a honeycomb bed and vacuum system that will accomodate any 4′ x 4′ piece of material. This system has easy access to three sides of the table and a pass through design that allows you to extend materials out the front and back of the system.

Kern has spared no cost with the HSE laser system by using high speed servo motors, precision linear rails and an anti-backlash lead screw. Take confidence that Kern puts quality parts and engineering into every laser system that they manufacture. A one year warranty is standard on the laser and motion table.

The metal cutting option can be installed on this system which will give you even more versatility and profit potential.


HSE 100

Kern’s most popular laser system model is also our largest. The HSE100 can handle even the largest of jobs. A standard 4′ x 8′ sheet of material fits comfortably onto the laser bed and is held down flat by the pressurized table that is made possible by its vacuum bed. This bed will also pick up fumes and debris created when cutting or engraving.

Like all of the HSE laser systems, this table can be equipped with up to 400 watts of laser power which will give you the power you need to utilize the fast processing speeds of this high speed engraving system. The tempered solid steel frame can handle heavy metal sheets and large stone such as granite or marble.

Maintenance on this system is a breeze. Adequate servicing of this laser machine can be done in as little as 10 minutes a week.