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Optical Holders

OWIS provides a variety of Optical Holders such as:

  • Mirror Mounts
  • Flip Mirror Holders
  • Holders for Mounted Optics
  • Holders for Unmounted Optics
  • Rotary Mounts
  • Holders for Cylindrical Lenses
  • Mount for Slack Optics
  • Reduction and Extension Inserts
  • XY Fine Adjustment Stage

Kinematic / Gimbal Adjustments

OWIS provides a variety of Transmitting Mounts for your specific requirements.

For a more comprehensive information regarding the transmitting mounts available, please Contact Us.


Adjustable Inserts

OWIS provides a variety of Optical Holders such as:

  • Mounting Cubes
  • Adjustable Inserts
  • Adjustable Inserts with Disc Springs
  • Iris Diaphragm
  • Slits

Tilt Stages

Tilt stages are high-resolution inclinable elements, that are normally mounted horizontally. The axis of rotation is defined by the centres of two precision steel balls, and the angle is set by a micrometer or a fine adjustment screw. Grids of holes enable them to be combined to form 2-axis stages, or with other OWIS components as measuring stages, translation stages, vertical translation stages and rotary stages.

OWIS also provides Rotary Tilting Stages and Rotary Tilting Base.


Universal and Laser Mounts
OWIS provides a variety of Universal and Laser Mounts such as:
  • Laser Adjustments
  • Tube Clamps
  • Prism Stages
  • XYZ Ultra -Fine Adjustment Stage
  • XY Adjusting Mounting Plates
  • Laser Mirror Mounts

Filter Slides / Wheels

For most purposes the filter cascades are combined with a mounting block made from rail 40. This can be used with support pins, or adapted to SYS 65.

The filter slide is used for manually changing three mounted filters. A fourths filter can be placed in the main body.

The filter wheel allows manual or automated change of filters.



OWIS provides a variety of accessories such as:

  • Rotary Columns
  • Spherical Head
  • Magnetic Base
  • Columns
  • Pins